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Investing in a massage is an investment in your health.





Therapeutic Massage

 1 hour $70.00

Therapeutic massage is performed with a specific goal in mind. It may be used for an injury, chronically tight muscles, or to increase flexibility. Deep tissue, trigger point therapy or stretching may be included in therapeutic massage. Each session is designed for your specific needs. It can be used for one specific area or for a full body massage with emphasis on a certain area or areas.

Hot Stone Massage

1 hour $80.00

1 hour 30 min. $110.00

Smooth basalt stones are sanitized and heated before you arrive. You will be massaged with oil and heated stones, while having several warmed stones placed on different areas of your body. Relax and feel all the tension just melt away


45 minute session $50.00

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing with life force energy which is also used for stress relief. It is done fully clothed while lying on massage table. When one is stressed their life force energy may be low. Reiki is done with hands on and off the body.

Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

1 hour session $75.00

Hypnosis can be used for any number of subjects from weight loss to stress reduction and so much more.


Your sub-conscious mind is where all memory is stored. Memories from past lives may be deep within your soul’s memory and you may not be aware of them. They may be present as problems, phobias or fears in your present life. In order to access the deep memories you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation, through hypnosis.

In this state of deep relaxation, all healing can take place from past life issues. There is no scientific proof that past lives exist, but past life regression helps to open you up to the deep memories that your soul holds and your will be guided to heal, releasing anything that is no longer serving your highest good.


I would be honored to assist you in the process of past life regression so you can continue your journey of your soul…to know who you TRULY are! A free 15 minute phone consultation is available to you prior to your session.



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