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Lynne, just a quick note to tell you how good I feel 2 days after my session with you. That \"stitch\" in my back is gone and I\'m more limber than I have been in a long time - I can actually touch my toes without difficulty! And my blood pressure reading was the lowest it\'s been in a long time!Thanks - see you next month! Steve

P.S. - My \"CAPTCHA\" to send this message is \"overjoyed\" (really), and I really am! S.



It is unusual for me to have massage done, mostly because I have suffered from a muscle condition that makes receiving a massage more painful than not ever getting one. I have found that as long as the massage therapist is in tune with my body they are able to relieve the pain rather than enhance it. Lynne is one of these rare people, she is able to identify my problem areas and use techniques that allow my body to naturally let go, not feel forced into submission. It is only recently since I discovered Lynne that I have been able to enjoy the benefits of getting massaged regularly. She is a very talented healer and her ability to tune into each individual makes her top notch in my book.


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